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Google Checkout FAQ

  • How am I able to access the order details, order history, and tracking information of orders purchased with Google Checkout?
    This information is available at Google Checkout and under the My Account section of the Shop PBS webstore.
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  • Can a Shop PBS Customer Service Specialist assist me with an order that was purchased with Google Checkout?
    Yes. Customer Service Specialists are able to access your order details, order history, and tracking information.
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  • Am I able to apply special promotions when purchasing an order with Google Checkout?
    You may only take advantage of promotions that are applied prior to the checkout process. For promotions that are entered during checkout, the standard checkout process must be used.
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  • Am I able to return to the Shop PBS webstore once I have begun the Google Checkout process?
    Yes. There is a link to return to the webstore on each checkout page. This may be used to browse more products, update your shopping cart, or resume checkout using the standard checkout process.
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  • Does the standard Shop PBS shipping policy apply to orders purchased with Google Checkout?
    Yes. For checkout restrictions, see below.
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  • Are there any restrictions to using Google Checkout?
    Yes. If you wish to use any of the following services, you must complete the standard checkout process.
         - Purchase your order with a Online Gift Certificate
         - Apply a special promotion or coupon during checkout
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  • Why am I not receiving the discount when I use Google Checkout?
    The current $10 off a $30 purchase is limited to first time Google Checkout users only. If you have used Google Checkout in the past you will not qualify for this promotion.
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