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Shopping Cart

When you are shopping on and add an item to your cart, it is saved in your Shopping Cart. The Shopping Cart holds products you wish to purchase while you shop, the same way you use a shopping cart in a retail store. Items you place in your Shopping Cart will remain there until they are purchased or removed. Options in the Shopping Cart:

  • Review your order. This ensures the accuracy of items in your Shopping Cart and the quantity selected.

  • Update the quantity. To do this, simply type in the quantity you wish to purchase and click "Update Cart."

  • Remove an item from your Shopping Cart. To remove an item, click on "Remove from Cart," or change the quantity to zero and click "Update Cart."

  • Return to shopping. If you wish to continue shopping on, you can use the Shopping Cart to store items you wish to purchase. Click on "Return to Shopping" to search the site for additional items. At any time during your shopping experience, you can return to your Shopping Cart by clicking on "Shopping Cart."

  • Proceed to secure Checkout. When you are ready to purchase your item(s), click on "Proceed to Secure Checkout." Our checkout process is fast, easy and secure. For more information on our secure shopping guarantee, click here.