Baseball The Tenth Inning, A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
Tenth Inning video clip: Writer Mike Barnicle talks about the gloves he's had since 1954

About the Series: Baseball and the new Tenth Inning

Baseball - the nine-part documentary series and Emmy® Award-winning documentary of America's national pastime. Join Ken Burns for the classic stories from the Great Depression through the 1950s, from Joe DiMaggio and Satchel Paige to Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson, to Willie Mays and Don Larsen. The series debuted in 1994 and was seen by more than 43 million viewers, making it the most-watched program in PBS history.

The original series leads up to the September 2010 premiere of Burns and co-director Lynn Novick's The Tenth Inning, a new two-part, four-hour documentary series that tells the tumultuous story of the national pastime from the 1990s to the present day. The film highlights dramatic developments that transformed the game: the crippling 1994 strike that left many fans disillusioned with their heroes; the increasing dominance of Latino and Asian players who turned baseball into a truly international game; baseball's skyrocketing profits, thanks to new stadiums, interleague play, and the wild card; the rise of a new Yankee Dynasty; the Red Sox' historic World Series victory; the astonishing feats of Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds; and the revelations about performance-enhancing drugs that cast a shadow on many of the era's greatest stars and their accomplishments.

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Get to know the filmmaker: Ken Burns

Ken Burns (2010)Ken Burns has been making films for more than 30 years. Since the Academy Award nominated Brooklyn Bridge in 1981, Ken has gone on to direct and produce some of the most acclaimed historical documentaries ever made. A December 2002 poll conducted by Real Screen Magazine listed The Civil War as second only to Robert Flaherty's Nanook of the North as the "most influential documentary of all time," and named Ken Burns and Robert Flaherty as the "most influential documentary makers" of all time. Ken's films have won ten Emmy Awards and two Oscar nominations, and in September of 2008, at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards, Ken was honored by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a Lifetime Achievement Award. His current film released in the fall of 2009, The National Parks , presents another fascinating American history: the six-part series focuses on the ideas and individuals that helped propel the parks into existence. Filmed over the course of more than six years at some of nature's most spectacular locales.

More from Ken Burns: EXPLORE American history with the fascinating works of Ken Burns. His stunning cinematography and gripping storytelling have a unique way of documenting our country's history and brilliantly depicting how it has shaped the American identity.