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PLAY with all the lovable characters that call PBS KIDS home. Explore science with Sid; Discover history with Buddy on his Dinosaur Train; Satisfy curious minds that love to monkey around with Curious George. Check out all your favorite PBS KIDS friends in one convenient place.


ANIMATE young minds and help them learn with the help of this lovable aardvark and his adorable friends, who foster an interest in reading, writing and social skills. Along the way theyll show young ones how to resolve conflicts with siblings, friends and classmates. Suitable for ages 4-8.


SPARK young imaginations with the help of curious and kind Caillou. Children engage in make believe play that takes them on big adventures, where a simple garden becomes a magnificent jungle! Kids become enchanted explorers, discovering and learning about the world around them. Suitable for ages 3-5.


BLAST OFF to a universe where learning math take an entirely new spin thanks to the Cyberchase gang. Every episode is an intergalactic adventure brimming with mystery, humor and action that make learning mathematical concepts fun and interesting. Suitable for ages 8-12.

Dinosaur Train

ALL ABOARD the Dinosaur Train with Buddy and his Pteranodon family as they voyage through prehistoric jungles, swamps, volcanoes and oceans. Learn all about science, natural history and paleontology with Buddy and his friends aboard their colorful locomotive. Suitable for ages 3-5.

Martha Speaks

LEARN new vocabulary with Martha, a beloved family dog who is accidentally fed alphabet soup giving her the power of speech and the chance to speak her mind to anyone that will listen. Suitable for ages 4-7.

Peep and the Big Wide World

DISCOVER a place of great wonder and mystery, a big wide world, with Peep and his pals. Their daily adventures are full of visual humor, charming plotlines, and lovable characters that teach kids to be forever eager to explore the great wonders and mysteries of the world around them. Suitable for ages 3-5.

Sesame Street

COME & PLAY on the most popular kids street in the world! Play along with Elmo, Big Bird and all the gang on Sesame Street. Have a ball with games, DVDs and more! Suitable for ages 3-6.

Super WHY!

STIMULATE their imaginations through an interactive approach to reading education with Super WHY! Follow the colorful and empowering young heroes as they embark on exciting storybook adventures to find answers to everyday preschool challenges. Suitable for ages 3-6.

Word Girl

ENGAGE with the superhero adventures of WordGirl, as she fights crime with the power of words. WordGirl enriches vocabulary skills, fosters better reading comprehension and instills a love of language in all children, all in a days work. Suitable for ages 3-9.

Other Kids Shows

SWING IN for a ball of fun with PBS KIDS! Explore a world made of words with the characters from WordWorld. Free young minds to march right into American history with Liberty's Kids--a revolution in learning! There's always a high flying learning adventure in store for kids.